10 post-run stretching tips and why to do them

Post-race stretching is a remedy for a tired body and, at the same time, preparation for the next practice that will take place the next day or in a few days. See how to do them correctly and avoid strains and other problems. Stretching post-race helps an athlete, whether amateur or professional, to show their … Read more

How to set up a swimming workout to start practicing

Check out what is important to know about how swimming is practiced and understand what is needed to get started. Practicing any type of sport or physical activity, in general, is recommended to be included and maintained in each person’s daily routine. But many don’t even know where to start looking for which exercise to … Read more

How to organize your Triathlon training routine for the week

Being a sporting category that demands a lot from the athlete, organizing a training routine is essential. Follow the tips we have prepared for training for triathlon Triathlon is a complex and challenging sport that combines three sports disciplines and, therefore, requires planning so that the training is complete, with the aim of improving running, swimming and … Read more

Excessive worry: Do you worry too much?

Are you a person who worries too much? When we can’t control this feeling, excessive worry can become a big problem in your life and disrupt your interactions with everyone around you. With the rush of everyday life, it is very common for us to be constantly worried about things, from family-related problems to even the workplace, where … Read more

Irritable bowel syndrome: what it is and how to treat it

Have you known about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? Many individuals experience the ill effects of this without figuring out why. This is a chronic health problem that has no cure, although symptoms may appear. The reasons for crises are varied. A stressful situation can, therefore, be as triggering the problem as eating something that isn’t … Read more

Benefits of drinking water: myths and truths

The majority of us know about the way that there are a lot of advantages to drinking water and that it is significant for our endurance, right? However, frequently, before the day’s over, we understand we haven’t tanked a solitary glass of water. Then we run to the fridge—sometimes even without a very big will—and … Read more