The Power In Creativity

I Live to Love and I love To Live. My gift is to share my insight so that it can maybe shed some light on dark places in which people tend to hide because they are afraid of releasing the pain inside, which affects their Life for a healthy & Successful development.

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My creativity is just a small piece to the big puzzle, but if you feel as if you may need some creativity for an adjustment of any kind and for any situation; please feel free to Connect with me by clicking the "Blue Button"

I've Gotten A "Raving Of Love" For My Radio Appearance

I believe in Opportunity, and opportunity only comes for those who put forth Positive energy into believing they can accomplish something that has the positive value of production that is unique but extremely effective for a world of so many brilliant people! Please Feel Free To Check Out my Powerful & Positive Delivery Straight from the heart!

Diarra Tillman-12 10 18-Prolific Life Coach-Chris (2) (mp3)


The Powerful Truth!

The disappointing Issue in today's world is that parents are a large cause as to why this world is so twisted and confused. People are gifted to become parents & are raising kids under false beliefs and bogus lies that make an innocent child suffer.

The Truth Is The Best Entertainment - The Struggle

The struggle is Real and those who truthfully have the desire to get through the struggle will. The understanding & Honest Acceptance  of a struggle are the key components  for one to surpass the severe bumps and bruises of a certain Struggle. 


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