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 Diarra, has the ability to convey impactful information to any particular setting that is demonstrated to him upon The request of His Professional speaking service. The Gift of Diarra is one that serves a special connection that goes deep into what people look for when communicating and being receptive to a point being discussed with a purpose and outcome behind it, and this is exactly why his skills have been put to use for the ability to speak for professional settings of all platforms from big crowds to small, and or subjects that might be hard to talk about for some based on the magnitude of emotions that definitely approach during some tough topics/subjects; The Uniqueness of his ability to literally just be himself and speak with such power simply proves his critical Gift of being able to speak and speak with and for a Passionate & Positive purpose and pursuing the Execution for a successful outcome of the deliverance itself.

The Significance Through Speaking 

Speaking is Important....Why you ask??, because People are listening and a point must be pushed through a distinctive way for those in attendance to gather the point at hand and the purpose behind it.  The importance of a professional speaker & the Deliverance is that for every action taken during the presentation is to be related to the topic being presented. Experienced Speakers should be extremely confident and comfortable with delivering speeches no matter the size from Large Mass crowds to a small based Crowds, the Comfort comes from the poise and passion behind the pleasure of delivering impact words to effect all in attendance with a lasting impression of what was delivered through the Professional speaking session.   

Courage on a Platform


The courage of being able to speak professionally is not simple at all, just as retaining a crowds attention is definitely not as easy as it appears. The cleverness of a Professional speaker should still be able to find the point where they can insert jokes and positive sarcasm through out the speech to help preserve the attention of those focused on you.The attention from the setting of the event is centered and focused on the platform of Deliverance. Everyone is looking and listening to you. Diarra Delivers the Relaxed but powerful courage through his natural but clever tactics displayed through his Gifted & Positive Vibes generated through his comforting ability to connect with a variety, through his experiences and realistic appeal; This will give you a sense of relating to him like he's family, and from there a connection of trust will be naturally assembled and when you have a crowd dialed in to the knowledge you are distributing this will instill attracting ears, minds, and souls; therefore truthfully and organically locking in the attention span throughout the Room of engagement and focusing on the Platform making for a prompt and effective learning base to then enable and keep active brains to organically take in and gain from the words put together to emphasize on the branches connected to the root of our topic. 

         Connecting The Vibes

An established speaker knows how to keep his or her audience focused on the subject at hand by getting the crowd to laugh and stay loose but yet fully dialed in to the speech being given and still have the ability to prevent things from going too far off the course. Diarra Tillman, and future employees of Life Coaching By Tillman will always deliver powerful and impactful speeches created for the preferred topic and wishes of that of the consumer. Diarra Tillman leads by his by his heart displayed through his gifted approach from a voice that is ever lasting and so electrifying, and through his unique ability to bring you in to the words being spoken is a gift by having the feel and connection to be able to get the best out of the Audience that is being influenced by his inspiring presence. Diarra's strong voice and confident ways of deliverance creates a relaxed and focused crowd in attendance. Diarra's direct effect leads to an extreme powerful overall delivery which is carried a long way from his mouth to your brain and cherished because the passion in which he delivers the related information and connected perspectives is something that is a gift in itself, his Experiences through out life have lead him to be one of the most prominent speakers of our kind thus far. 

My Gifted Approach Can Be Used In Many Ways As I Named Some For You

  • Police & Community Trust
  • Sexual Abuse Support
  • Incarceration Reform
  • Community Rebuild
  • Understanding Addiction
  • Healthy Living
  • Company Health
  • Company Growth
  • Any Corporate Function  
  • Youth Development
  • Creative Life Developments
  • Understanding Stratigical Methods 

I Diarra Tillman Can And Will Speak On or about Almost Anything That Falls In My History of Life Learned  Educated Experiences pushed with the gift of my soul.

As A keynote Speaker It Takes a Special kind of soul to be able to be in front of a crowd of any size and grab The attention and Capture the moment to Influence those in attendance with A Message/Story, Powerful and unique Voice  is all driven and delivered with Genuine Experience and only to secure the moment through the Time Given and give To the brains In attendance knowledge from a unique source with a Meaningful and  Beyond Exceptional Deliverance of Pure Excellence! 

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