10 Astonishing tricks to Make Small Spaces Appear Larger

Window Magic: Large windows not only bring in more light but also visually expand a room by drawing the eye outside.

Sheer Brilliance: Sheer curtains add depth without blocking light, creating a sense of openness.

Ghost Furniture: Philippe Starck's Ghost Chairs are designed to be nearly invisible, making rooms look less cluttered.

Mirror Power: A well-placed mirror can double a room's perceived size, especially when reflecting a window or light source.

 Streamlined Shapes: Furniture with slim or tapered legs allows more visible floor space, enhancing the feeling of roominess.

Dual-purpose Designs: Furniture like coffee tables with storage can serve multiple functions, reducing the need for additional pieces.

Low-lying Furniture: Low-profile pieces emphasize vertical space and prevent the room from feeling overcrowded.

Solo Sofa: Replacing a second couch with a pair of armchairs can save space and create a more flexible layout.

Height Illusion: Mounting curtains from ceiling to floor elongates the room vertically, giving a taller, more spacious feel.

Rug Sizing: A smaller rug with visible floor space around it can make a room appear larger.

Reflective Surfaces: Mirrored splashbacks in kitchens or bathrooms increase the perceived dimensions and prevent a cramped feel.


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