10 Simple Ways to Worry Less

Read a book: If worry keeps you up, choose a book, even a cookbook. Read until you feel sleepy, then go back to bed.

Lose control: Acknowledge that you have no control over the things you worry about most, and let them go. Don’t own your worries; they are often different from reality.

 Tell Someone: Let someone you trust add perspective and lift you up before you slide down into worry.

Write it down: Putting your worries on paper allows you to see them for what they are, separating reality from hyped-up fear.

 Exercise: Trick your brain by inviting it to keep up with your body. Take a brisk walk, do jumping jacks, or dance around your kitchen.

 Act like Scarlett O’Hara: Give yourself permission to put your tiny worries off until tomorrow. Chances are, you won’t remember what they were.

Don’t Google it: Avoid searching for symptoms online, as it often leads to more worry. Decide how you feel and consult someone you trust.

 Reflect: Reflect on how productive your last worry session was and learn from it. Recognize that you have a choice when worry presents itself.

Help someone: The best way to stop thinking about yourself and your worries is to help someone else.

Take Action: Instead of wondering, take action. Do one small thing to improve the situation that has you worried.


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