Unlock Your Best Self: Simple Micro Habits to Transform Your Life"

Hydrate First Thing Drink a cup of water before your morning coffee to stay healthy and hydrated.

Make Your Bed Make your bed when you wake up to launch your day with an immediate sense of accomplishment

Stretch Before Dressing Stretch for 15-30 seconds before you get dressed.

Practice Gratitude in the Shower “The shower is probably our last refuge from our devices,” Nawaz says. “As you shower, ask who or what am I grateful for today?”

Affirmations While Brushing Teeth  Atluri suggests repeating five affirmations while brushing your teeth. These could include: "I trust my instincts," "I am not my mistakes," or "It’s okay to be happy."

Charge Phone Outside Bedroom Charge your phone outside of your bedroom. If you use it as an alarm, buy a cheap analog alarm clock.

Replace Unhealthy Snacks Replace a handful of chips with a handful of nuts or another healthier option.

Wall Squats While Brushing Teeth Perform a 30-second wall squat while you brush your teeth.

Start Workday with Deep Breaths Start each workday with five long, deep breaths to calm your mind and prepare for the day.

Read Daily Read a paragraph of work-related literature every day to slowly progress through dense materials.

Face Your Anxieties Spend 30 seconds to a few minutes around something that causes you anxiety to help your brain adapt to it.


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