Extender chair: what is it and how to do it?

Do you want to make your legs defined and strong? Among so many exercises aimed at the lower limbs, including quadriceps training, the extension chair is a piece of equipment that cannot be missing from your training schedule, especially if your objective is to promote the gain of muscle hypertrophy in the front of the thighs. .

Therefore, if you dream of having legs, understanding the importance and everything that concerns the extension chair is essential before doing the exercise.

Do want to work your quadriceps muscle? Continue reading so you don’t miss anything and, above all, make significant gains when training your legs.

Let’s go?

What is an extension chair?

Among so many pieces of equipment, the extension chair is considered quite popular and cannot be left out. However, one of the main complaints is when leaving the equipment, as it leaves the practitioner with wobbly legs. Have you ever felt this way too?

Extension chair is highly recommended for students who wish to complement lower limb training, because the device exercises the thigh , especially the front part.

“It is a piece of equipment that is often used during training. It can be used when strengthening muscles , when the person has some difficulty with more complex exercises, such as squatting and pushing, and rehabilitation can be used at times, but, mainly, it is used in exercises for muscular hypertrophy ”, Professional explains. .

Immediately, when looking at the leg extension chair, many students think that it is a difficult piece of equipment, whereas, in fact, it is considered very practical and simple, precisely because it does not contain such complex movements compared to other leg exercises, such as, for example, leg press , barbell squats and/or sumo squats, as they require more body awareness .

So, if you’ve ever thought about skipping the extension chair, we have some advice to give you: don’t do that anymore, okay? Below, we will explain some other important points of this equipment in your training routine .

What muscles are worked on the leg extension?

As we explained previously, the extension chair is equipment aimed exclusively at leg exercises. In this case, its main focus is to work the quadriceps region , that is, it is recommended for those who want to gain muscular hypertrophy in their thighs, making them more beautiful, defined and thicker.

On the other hand, although it is an exercise with a greater focus on the rectus femoris, it also works the vastus muscles, such as the medial, lateral and intermediate muscles, making it an excellent complement to other leg exercises. “It is considered an interesting muscle for those working on hypertrophy, as it is responsible for giving volume to the thigh. The vastus are those muscles that are located further to the side and on the inner part of the thigh, closer to the knees.”

What are the benefits of the extension chair?

In addition to taking care of your physical health, since regular physical activity contributes to improving the quality of life and, consequently, combating a sedentary lifestyle , exercising on the extension chair has many benefits for the practitioner, did you know?

Among so many benefits, looking a little more at the aesthetic aspect of the body, since many people want to have defined and thick legs, the extension chair is a great option. On the other hand, there are other advantages for the body’s health when training on this equipment. Check out:

  • Prevents injuries;
  • Leaves thighs toned;
  • Increases muscle strength;
  • Increases strength and speed;
  • Strengthens the leg region;
  • Improves muscular resistance;
  • Increases joint stability;
  • Contributes to performance in other sports;
  • And much more!

Are there any errors when using the extension chair?

Even though it is an extremely simple piece of equipment, given that it is a chair with a low complexity movement, there are still many bodybuilders, whether beginners, intermediate or advanced, who end up making some mistakes, which are harmful to exercise and muscle health.

Lack of anatomical adjustment for each person, after all, each person has a physical structure in relation to height, whether short or tall. Therefore, when the student sits on the chair, places the load and does not adjust it properly, difficulty is noticed when performing the movement, losing amplitude, reducing strength gain and muscle hypertrophy.

Chair adjustment is essential for the effectiveness of the movement. When placing the chair too far back or forward, the knees become misaligned with the central axis of the equipment, hindering movement.

“Imagine that our knees have to be in a straight line with the axis of the machine, so our thighs have to rest on the chair with the back of our knees well supported, not too far forward”, he explains.

Another mistake is regarding the foot support, that is, the bottom cushion. “The correct thing to do is to stay in the crook of our ankle, at the beginning of our leg, it can’t touch too much on the feet or too much on the leg , it needs to be in the crook of the ankle.”

And you cannot leave out two classic mistakes in any exercise, including the extension chair: using too much weight and poor posture. Therefore, always respect your limit, do it slowly and keep your body on the bench when moving the machine, okay?

Is it possible to vary the training on the extension chair?

It is possible to vary the exercise on the extension chair, with the traditional way being more common, which is when both legs are used on the equipment, making the movement of extending and flexing the knees, making it possible to include other variations based on the student needs and limitations.

Among some strategies to improve performance during training, there are other methods, such as the drop-set, widely used to intensify training and do the series until concentric failure, or bi-set, which is when the student performs two exercises in a row. for the muscle group being worked.

For those who want to increase strength gains and muscle hypertrophy, the rest-pause method may be an option. This is because it is a training strategy that requires the student to perform the indicated number of repetitions and, consequently, a short pause (usually 10 seconds) before returning to the movement.

How to use the extension chair correctly?

Lots of interesting and important information about the extension chair, right? Knowing all this, it’s time to learn how to use it correctly when training. Below, we have selected a step-by-step guide so you don’t make mistakes again and guarantee all the benefits that this exercise has to offer:

  1. First, adjust the extension chair to your height;
  2. Then sit down and make sure your knees are on top of the fold of the equipment;
  3. Then, place your feet on the cushions and, preferably, at the ankle level;
  4. Remember to keep your soles and toes straight and shoulder-width apart;
  5. Choose the load that will be used, respecting its limits, that is, don’t force it too much;
  6. With your back resting on the bench, start the exercise by contracting your thighs and bring your legs up until they are completely at hip height, leaving them completely stretched;

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