Muscle pain: how to get rid of it?

Muscle pain can appear after playing sports or even after a bad night’s sleep. Find out how to treat them. Muscle pain affects   us at some point in our lives, whether we are a sedentary individual or a high-performance athlete. We are all subject and exposed to muscle injuries. These aches might be caused by an increase … Read more

Sleep hygiene: what is it and how to do it?

If you sleep poorly or have constant insomnia problems, this tip is especially for you: have you ever heard of sleep hygiene ? If not, continue reading! How many times have you gone to sleep and turned from side to side, without actually being able to relax and concentrate on sleep? Sometimes, it seems like just lying … Read more

Self-harm: what is it and how to avoid it?

How many times have you overcharged yourself for something? Be it a delivery at work, a professional goal or even a problem at home. Self -demand is a mechanism that consists of excessive demands on ourselves. Nowadays, with technology on the rise and the world increasingly connected, we have an immediacy for everything. We receive a lot … Read more

Post-operative care: 8 tips for a good recovery

Many may think that a surgery considered simple may require less care depending on the case, but this is not true . Post-operative care, in fact, is practically the same for all surgeries that involve anesthesia and incisions (cuts). Of course, more complex surgeries require longer recovery time. Likewise, treatments and length of stay also vary greatly … Read more

Migraine symptoms and 6 main triggers

Do you have headaches that interfere with your quality of life? Do you suspect it could be a migraine, but don’t know how to identify the symptoms? Have you ever stopped to observe what triggers cause or worsen your crises? Understand more about the topic in this article. What is Migraine? Migraine is a chronic condition with … Read more

Depression, anxiety and panic: know the differences and symptoms

Today, we will investigate and discuss anxiety, panic and depression , as they are some of the most common emotional disorders. Emotional disorders are psychological dysfunctions that cause a lot of pain and suffering. Therefore, they are often accompanied by physical symptoms and are generally associated with depression. Today, you will discover the differences between anxiety, panic … Read more

7 best ways to avoid injuries while running

After all, what really works when we want to prevent or avoid injuries during running? We’ve put together seven tips designed for you. Just take a look. With a couple of straightforward safety measures, for example, appropriately warming up and cooling down your body, choosing the right shoes, training bit by bit, strengthening your muscles, … Read more

Are gluten and lactose bad? Understand the issue!

Nowadays, anyone who has any dietary restrictions can now eat much better food. Whether by choice or, in fact, for health reasons , some people cannot consume some foods. Or even ingredients in some foods. And some of the most obvious restrictions are on gluten and lactose , which are present in many types of foods. But, after all, are … Read more

Regulatory, builder and energetic nutrients: understand the function of each one

It’s not just for the pleasure of eating. Not even purely and simply for health. When it comes to food, we can, in fact, go further. Today we are going to talk about regulatory, building and energetic nutrients. Have you heard about this? These are three very well-defined categories that, as you can imagine, concern the main function … Read more