Reading habit: 5 tips to include in your routine

For some people, reading may seem easy and a way to travel to another universe. However, the habit of reading can be an obstacle for you or someone close to you.

With that in mind, to help you create a reading habit, check out some tips to improve your taste for literature, its benefits and much more!

Why is the habit of reading important?

The love of reading can come from several sources: from school, when the teacher opened a book and had a story-telling circle; even due to parental influence, with a fable or story before bed. On the other hand, there is also that profile of person who likes to discover new things and, through a book, goes in search of answers.

The truth is that the habit of reading can come into each person’s life in different ways, and there are those who find it difficult to concentrate on long lines of stories through a book, which is not a problem, of course. However, it is possible to awaken this taste, come on?

Reading can help stimulate our reasoning, improve vocabulary, refine our ability to interpret things, in addition to promoting a range of knowledge about all textual genres: novel, short story, fable, news, letter and/or even a restaurant menu, you know?

Below, check out some of the benefits of reading:

Expands vocabulary

“Huh! Does the book speak?”: yes, through words. When reading a book, you discover new words and their meanings, rich in building communication. Furthermore, it is possible to acquire ease when speaking to anyone, in addition to helping to develop good oratory and improve writing.

Exercise intelligence

When you pick up a book or any text and pay attention to the words, you learn to write them correctly, grasp their many meanings, and know when and when to employ them.

According to a study released by Dow , reading can be an excellent tool for training the mind and protecting it against the emergence of some neuro degenerative diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, promoting well -being .

Improves critical sense

The habit of reading helps to expand and build critical sense, because, from a word, phrase or text, it is possible to improve the way we think and, consequently, improve how we act in relation to different social and cultural positions.

Promotes creativity

Creativity is one of the skills promoted through reading, you know? For example, when reading the story of “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs”, our mind creates the entire scenario, from the moment the princess walks through the forest singing with the birds to when she puts together seven small beds to sleep.

The story, or rather, reading has the power to create scenarios, actions, characters and allows us to access another place never expected, all due to imagination!

5 tips for creating a reading habit

Now that you know a little about the benefits of reading, check out five tips for creating a reading habit.

1 – Read short stories

The size of the book is the first thing that makes a beginning reader give up. Therefore, if you have difficulty reading many pages, start with short stories, as their narratives are short, involve a single conflict and are easy to read.

2 – Choose subjects that interest you

There’s no point in choosing a complex subject to create literary habits. Always choose books that talk about a subject that you are passionate about, such as superheroes, comic books, recipes, news, Greek mythology, among other styles.

When reading becomes something enjoyable, the chance of you completing it is much greater.

3 – Read in your spare time

Whether at lunch or on public transport, this is a great time to take 30 minutes to exercise your brain and read a book. When you least expect it, you will realize that time has flown by and, consequently, acquire new knowledge. The most important thing is to choose any time of the day to practice reading!

Remember: shouldn’t you only read when you have free time, okay? You should make this a daily habit, such as reading at the same time.

4 – Stipulate a number of pages

Please do not read a complete book in less than a day. To get into the habit of reading, set small objectives like 10, 15, or 20 pages each day. As time passes, you will feel compelled to read more and more.

5 – Have technology as your ally

Who said books are only physical? If you are a person who is connected all the time, digital books are a great way to build literary habits.

Currently, there are numerous digital platforms that provide works in PDF, that is, you just need to download them to your cell phone to read them. Practicality for those who want to start in style!

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